Why do you follow your God?

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I just want to hear your opinions. :D

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I want to hear why you chose to follow your god. Just make your reasoning detailed. Did they correspond with your real life religion, political idealogy, beliefs? Maybe they have the same sense of morality you have? Did their backstory inspire you to join them?

Just don't say something lame like "oh I follow so and so because he is badass/has cool armor/has cool followers/i like purple."

No faction bashing please! Not everyone shares the same views on life.
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iXavior said:
I just want to hear your opinions. :D

I'm stuck between choosing factions. I want to hear why you chose to follow your god. Just make it detailed. Don't say something lame like "i follow Zaros because purple is my fav color" or "they got cool armor", "has a bunch of cool followers" Etc.

You call it lame but that factored into at least 50% of why I chose Zamorak and Bandos for WE1 and 2. Their warpriest sets just look that cool.

Anyway I went for V since it most purely reflects my desire to help people become great. I've always been crazy for quests like the cave goblins where we help Zanik grow in confidence and stand up to her enemies, Cyrisus's dream-battles, or raising the Ga'al during the tzhaar series.

Looking back I can see shades of that in Bandos, in how he encouraged strength in his followers so much that he congratulates you on his defeat. But he was also a genocidal monster with a god-sized temper.
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I follow Zaros because I approve of his 100% reliance on logic. Also because I approve of the systems instituted and progress made in Senntisten, and because his followers constitute some of the most reliable and trustworthy characters in Runescape.
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Zamorak. Power is the main thing I care about and I find peace boring, so Strength Through Chaos is quite ideal for me. In a way, I feel the player embodies it in many ways. Hardship, chaos, and hard work is what changed us from level 3s killing chickens to a mighty World Guardian readying to take down the world's creators themselves.

In addition to that, I find the other factions to be rather...repulsive. Very few hold any respect for mortals. Saradomin, Bandos, Zaros, and Armadyl view them as tools while Seren views them as helpless children.

I agree with some of the principles of the Godless in that mortals should be free and able to make their own destinies, but I find their ideals of taking out the Gods because they are Gods, rather than what they are as individuals to be a bit....bigoted. Zamorak also believes that mortals should be free and is willing to remove to the tyrant Gods, so I prefer this.

Sliske...has no real philosophy and possibly just wants to enslave us.

V is just another Godless faction in my eyes, and for all of his talk about the Gods being tyrannical egotistical oppressors, he holds that very same ego, is a cowardly snakes, and views mortals as inferiors. For all of his good intentions, he is corrupted by the very things he despises.

From what we've been told, Zamorak is the only living God who wouldn't try to limit the power of mortals. Until another God holds that same ideal, I won't even consider them staying in Gielinor. Those who limit the power of the people are tyrants, even if they're well intentioned tyrants.
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I'm Unaligned, mostly because I think that the player being Unaligned makes the most canonical sense. Emissaries seem to be more fanservice than anything to me. I'm too Unaligned to have a forum signature.

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Well, I believe Zaros is the best for Gielinor, I've thought that ever since I started following him.

I could go on post after post if I wanted to really get down to it, but I'll give one out of many reasons.

He makes people feel small.

People forget he's a fictional character and you can hear the bile churning in peoples words when they're bad mouthing him, Not to say everyone who disagrees with him genuinely is like that, but he in most cases, can make people go above and beyond what's sane when expressing their "Feelings" regarding him.

Just think, a fictional character installs so much fear that someone thinks every word he says, even if he were to say the sky is blue and the grass is green, is an outright lie.

It's just something I've always liked about Zaros, he is a collection of pixels and voiced dialogue, and look what he can reduce people to.
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