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Zu Zu is interesting. She's not necessarily immortal (that remains to be seen and tested by the passage of time). Rather, she appears to be invulnerable, having survived multiple attempts on her life with nary a scratch on her even when aiding those trying to kill her or attempting to kill herself.

Her invulnerability could potentially be removed by an even more powerful ritual, but, given she sacrificed a 'family' of sea monsters (which are constructs of anima) for her initial ritual, it would likely take even more anima to undo the first and it would need to be wielded with sufficient knowledge in order to actually do so rather than just bounce off of her invulnerability.

I'd say she's nowhere near the strength of the gods. They may not be able to kill her, but the gods are blatantly able to do far more with their abilities far faster than Zu Zu can. Beyond that, it is likely much easier to imprison or otherwise deal with Zu *u than it is to kill a god (outside of the ones who either want to die or are too busy to defend themselves).

As for what to consider her now... Let's call her Zu Zu or The Occultist if you prefer. What? Azzanadra, despite considering us more than human, still calls us by our name or title. I see no reason to treat Zu Zu differently.

03-Jul-2016 23:36:28

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