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Ladyolake said:
I wanted to let you guys know something.. I had posted this in general too because i did not
know if i was going to get an answer here in the lore part of the forums.

But Final Feud answered these questions for me so I thought I would share them with you
two since you tried to answer.

his response...

1. Franizzard Lumbcook Jr.; He's the descendant of Frannizzard Lumbcook Sr. (who sealed the Culinomancer in another dimension hundreds of years before RFD.)

2. Both Hetty and Betty are friends of Maggie and Aggie, but none of them are related.

His ancestor's name was Franizzard van Lumbcook, yes, but I'm not sure where Final Feud got the idea that the current cook's name would be the same. We don't know the cook's name.
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