RuneFest Lore [Spoilers, Duh]

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Love how they're still pushing this Bandosian stuff when they essentially cut the head off that storyline.

Also something I'm confused about.
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*Wing clipping is not a barbaric act, but an honored tradition. But only to "wrongdoers".

Are we talking about cutting off the main feathers on a wing, and them growing back like people do to pet birds, or are we talking about Good Ol' Fashion Saradomin Wing-Rippings?

Spoiler: Dimenson of the Damned is a dimension where Saradomin won the SoJ, so now he's using it and the wand of resurrection to it's fullest. Reason it takes place in falador is because it's supposed to be the white knights going "Oh shit, we dun goofed!"
"Your god's dead next time he's in a world event. "
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