Elidinis is dead.

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Let's ignore MPD; if only because the guest list of a shadowy Mahjarrat isn't much of a source to go by.

Truth is, we know next to nothing about Elidinis. Wife of Tumeken, goddess of fertility, namesake of the Elid, sympathised and allied with Saradomin during the God Wars, mother to Amascut and "Icthy-aly-rin or whoever," aaand that's it. She was likely either banished by Guthix at the end of the God Wars, or incapacitated by her daughter like the lesser gods. There was the matter of poor Scabaras being exiled in the Fourth Age for "undermining Elidinis" but this is certainly Amascutian slander.

She is not a major player in the desert series (not even a minor one) but to have her die off-screen would be insufferably kame and, more importantly, pointless, development-wise. I suspect we'll learn some more about her - but not much more. Except, perhaps, some information provided by a Menaphite priestess, her spirits, or the Book of Light and Day.
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Actually, her not showing up is pretty par for the course. She would have lead the Menaphites during the God Wars, and her strategy was to just ally up with someone strong just in case, and then sit it out.

Which is pretty smart, considering Menaphos, Sophanem, and Nardah were pretty much the only places that PROSPERED during the God Wars.
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