Is Mah really dead?

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Angof Cywir

Angof Cywir

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Is Mah really dead? I recall a J-Mod saying that they couldn't be killed. They can only be as dead as a battery until someone recharges them. Could we resuscitate, my grandma? :(

I have a few sources that say they can't, but from the recent dialogue we saw in CoM, it is suggested that Mah did die...

Source 1


Source 2 (FOTG Q&A):

Says this...

Q: It was said at RuneFest that Elder Gods can't die, yet Mah was dying. Has this decision been reversed?

Mod Rowley:
That was more an affectation of Zaros and Seren - their interpretation of what was happening to Mah. At Runefest, we also said that elder gods can choose to 'power down', the ultimate effect of which might seem akin to death in the eyes of some.

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Lord Remus

Lord Remus

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It's difficult to say for certain and really it depends on what Man's Core is exactly.

Her death could have been just her physical form coming to an end and not her complete destruction like the case of the Young Gods. Perhaps it is possible to reactivate an Elder God with sufficient energy but they have not bothered to in the past due to lacking said energy to do so, or decided to preserve what power they had.

Another thing to consider is where her Core actually is right now. Zaros has it, but has he absorbed it in some way or just in his possession? This could make things interesting in future, depending on the answer.
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