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I know that the title is convoluted, but I ran out of characters. MODS: if this isn't the proper forum, please move!

There are a number of articles, items, pieces of the story of Gielenor. These may never see the light of day, and you guys are more than welcome to voice your ideas or opinions.

1. The Zarosian bandits being brought into the renewed Zarosian fold. Zaros made his desire known that he didn't want followers to be faithful to him simply because of his special influence. This means that he wants to keep knowledge of himself relatively small. Nevertheless, the bandits have faithfully awaited their god's return even with the extended absence of Azzanadra.

I feel that this would interest Zaros. These followers never fell away in his absence. I'd like to see them involved, and I'm somewhat saddened that they weren't included in Zaros' forces in the Heart.

2. The head of the conflict between the White Knights of Falador and Prince Anlaf. Saradomin has returned and Anlaf still lore-wise is at odds with trolls. Saradomin has to have an opinion, and after DoC maybe doubts about his opinions, regarding the control of of one of the major Saradominist cities on the surface of Gielenor.

3. The Tales of the Ghostly Piper. This character is random and has always fascinated me. Apparently, he played his bagpipes in Saradomin's ranks during the first God War. He died either sometime before the destruction of Forinthry, or perhaps during that event. That would make it odd that his skeleton and clothing seem in great shape relatively. I'd like a quest about his last days.

More to be added soon.

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That's a great subject for a quest! I've long wanted to see the reactions of the hidden faithful, now Zaros is returned.

I think stories like this are what a lot of us hoped would comprise the 6th Age, and what a lot of us expected early on. There have been a lot of opportunities to go back to the 5th Age stories, give deeper significance to narrative cul-de-sacs, retroactively enrich Gielinor's history - but these have, by and large, been ignored.

One of the big missed opportunities that immediately comes to mind is Tower of Life. Some mysterious substance from deep within the earth has the power to create life, is ostensibly Guthixian but rises from an ancient Zamorakian dungeon. This could have had fascinating ties to history, Elders, anima. Instead it's been forgotten.

The World Wakes, Death of Chivalry, god emissaries, and the lore component of the Battle of Lumbridge were all of a piece. We were introduced to a scenario where callous, distant gods have returned, ready to plunge the entire world into chaos as whole societies turned against each other, in a dark age of meaningless carnage. DoC and BoL showed us the futility of warfare, how mortals pay the ultimate price. TWW and the Book of the Gods illustrated how utterly gods could shake civilization. So we expected endless war, and stories that would take us back to the communities we cared for, to witness just how the new god wars would change them, how far zealotry would spread, and what payment it would exact.

Then MPD came along and the lore took a drastic turn. Every 6th Age quest has been giant revelation after giant revelation, and there's been very little battle, or propaganda, or indoctrination, or anything that looks like a god war. The more subtle and humanistic themes laid out for us at the 6th Age's start have been discarded. But I'm hoping to see a return to these smaller, more poignant stories when Sliske's game wraps up.

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My number one desire for a quest subject, far above anything else, is King Vallence. Troll Warzone, with its new lore on Prince Anlaf and the tensions between the Burthorpe Guard and the White Knights, seemed like it may have been hinting towards this story path, but alas, nothing came of it, and now all that content is gone.

I'd really like to see a quest that focuses on politics, espionage, complex human motivations. Or at least just find out what the heck happened to the King of Asgarnia.

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I agree on both! The bandits have faithfully served Zaros even in his absence, even while Azzanadra was trapped in the Jaldraocht Pyramid.. It is clear they are loyal beyond reproach after such a long time. To leave them out of his plans would be folly, as they would clearly do anything for him. Hopefully this will be covered in a future quest...

The whole Anlaf/Vallence thing has always been a topic I found mysterious. I don't think the White Knights are telling us even half the real story. Personally I think the Temple Knights may be involved too, I just hope Tiffy hasn't been hiding secrets from us.. People who have hidden things from me in the past don't live very long after I find out..
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