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Ascertes said:
Those were dark times. I think I speak for most of us who were present during that time period that its not something that we would like to rekindle.

Seriously, the amount of crap everyone went through was enough for most of us.

I'm with Ascert on this. We don't need another toxic-big-talk-insulting-battle on the forums, it's all ready worse how some people can be so fed up about pixels and all.

I admit, i took part in it, dunno how much and how bad and for what ( ,it's my shame and one of my many regrets). As far i care, i prefer to forget it like it never happend. I do admit i like threads about it, but ones the insulting and all happens, then you know it goes to far.

But, talks like this always happens in games and forums (like on Skyrim forums; Imperials vs Stormcloaks who's right/good/evil?)
"If you believe you can distance yourself from the harm you cause, you're deluding yourself. You're not some mindless tool. You're accountable. Your actions will catch up with you eventually." -Jedi Master Jun Seros; Swtor Bounty Hunter storyline.

04-Mar-2017 21:15:28

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