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The Guardians are currently working on the Grandmaster finale to the Myreque quest series.

We want this to be a fitting conclusion to one of RuneScape's longest running 5th age quest series, with a sense of closure and resolution.

We've been watching discussions on the subject, and seek to resolve most of the significant Morytanian story beats you've been looking for, whether on the critical path or in post-quest dialogue.

To that end, it'd be helpful to have your freshest thoughts.

What relevant questions do you want answered in the vampyre finale?

01-Mar-2016 12:53:09

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Clear cut, Have Ascertes be fully confirmed dead. Leave no room for interpretation.

Explain what makes Ivan unique.

The Blisterwood Trees origins.

Daeyalt ore, of course.

Other than that, I'm content.
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01-Mar-2016 13:03:26



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How and why the Werewolves crossed the Salve. This should be a key plot point Imo.

Who takes over Morytania afterwards can be PQD. I'm thinking Malak tbh but who knows.

The importance of Ivan this should be a key plot point.

Misthalin breakin their agreement to the edicts of Guthix or finding a loophole allowing them to send armies. The splinter group itself does not need resolved (as in their plan they just want the edicts removed from their path) though it probably should try to stop the war going ahead or try to get Vanescula to bring in Venator or something to show that the edicts are false and for political gain. Whatever works best.

If I think of anything else I'll post it.

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1. What is Daeyalt Ore and why are people mining it?
2. Various Stone Of Jas related questions. Was it ever in Hallowvale/Sanguniesti/Meiyerditch (it was hinted that it was)? Was Drakan seeking it (it was hinted that he was) and if so why?

01-Mar-2016 13:16:06



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What is it about vampyres that lets them turn other creatures into vampyres?

What exactly did Zaros do to uplift the Venators into vampyres? Did he do this to all or just the Drakan tribe?

I think it would fit great in a postquest lore book.

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Points I would like to see answered/covered:

- Daeyalt ore.

- Blisterwood's tree origin and reason why they hurt vampyres.

- How the werewolves have been able to pass the Salve River to kidnap people.
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