Protean Lore

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Now don't run into silly conclusions by the title there won't be way to convert your quests to another!

What i'm to dig into is something that has seemingly been left out quite completesome. Briefly had my squirrels deliver me all possible info about this odd protean material and all text i would retrieve was techical nonsense and something about them being won from some argued spoiling feature. Hunter's treasury whateverelse~

So what be the lore behind, unless uncanon, substance? To my puny eyes, as special material as this that can be morphed into who knows how far, i would ponder possibility of relativeness with the sand box of the elder what was it again brb - Sacred clay hey! Yes! Stealing Creation... I wonder if someun stole these so called proteans from there? huh

cuss the diss

02-Jan-2017 21:28:48

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