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Wonder R
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What about dialogue text from the quest "Hero's Welcome"? There was a lot of text that appeared above their heads and whatnot during the quest that was in the dragonkin language.

Edit: After looking at the wiki's transcript for Hero's Welcome, perhaps I am mistaken. Is there a list of words that we do not know the meaning to? Here's a phrase I found from "One of a Kind" that has a word that is not listed:

"Sokun-Kerapac! Release me now!"
-- Sokun

Edit edit: Have you seen the Wiki's glossary?

Arakken = Dungeon
Castil = Combine
Chen = Razed/Destroyed
Crasortius = Surrender[5]
Dosk = In
Draekeun = Dragon
Drakkerkin = Dragonkin
Fia = Safe/Protected from
Galvek - Fate
Gres = East
Hok = Was/Is
Hesente = Intruder[5]
Kath = Failure/Weakling/Runt
Kalist = Catalyst, sometimes The Catalyst, or Stone of Jas
Kel = With
Kletter = Green
Kreath = Dark/Shadow/Black
Kren = Fortress
Lith = Superior
Lokur = Steel
Ortha = First
Tho = South
Traken = Queen
Vek = Failure/Failed
Verak = King/Emperor?
Vor = Pathetic
Vosk = False User
Additionally, "Skethzzzzz" is the dragonkin equivalent of laughter or a snigger.

Place names
Ullergrax = Forinthry/Wilderness
Sketherin = Brimhaven
aV'rok = Varrock
Herethen = Taverley
Istruthen = Lumbridge
Kal (Roake Kal achievement)
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A lot of those are either pure conjecture or taken from OSRS with no foundation in RS3. I have however added those confirmed in the FAQ.

As for the words we do not know a translation to, there's not much point listing them outside of the quotes where they're relevant.
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King Tumeken
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Did you know....

There used to be a skeleton in the centre of the Wilderness Volcano, around the cursed energy and when examined it read

"Could this be the remains of one of the long lost Dragonkin?"

Or something relevant to this.

The skeletal remains were than moved to the forgotten cemetary I believe.

I dont know how, or when, but two things are for certain and thats

1.) Skeletons dont walk. Oh wait, yes they can ;)
2.) Dragonkin had interest in cursed energy?

I saw the thread, figured I'd throw it in here since perhaps it could extend to other information about their language or kind.
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The Mather1
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So, in light of The Shadow Reef, we now have another phrase we have a pretty good estimate on translating; "Takken Mott", which seems to mean raise/resurrect/reanimate.

We also have a very curious bit of information now; composite words seem to be a thing, beyond just the apparent -kin suffix.
We've been told by the mods that the word "Crasortius" means surrender, which seems to be composed of the words "Cras" and "Ortius". "Cras" appearing to be a pretty generic term along the lines of do/perform.
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