Why Moia and not Billyboy?

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Honestly they both seem pretty equal to me, just fulfilling different roles. In Dishonour Among Thieves Zamorak refers to Bilrach as his right hand and Moia as his left. Moia seems to lead Zamorak's forces and spy-network, while Bilrach could be more of an advisor. Zamorak states in Dishonour Among thieves that he's more useful at his side.

If Zamorak really is biased towards Moia it might be because of a personal attachment rather than a strategic one. He seems to be the father she never had in Lucien. Zamorak seems quite sentimental in his own way, putting his life before Khazard, constantly trying to become a martyr...

Regardless, Moia is definitely not weak. If the Oracle is to be believed "The last Dream has the most Potential". If "dream" refers to the Mahjarrat, as they are Dreams of Mah, then that'd mean either Khazard or Moia has the most potential. Moia's potential in particular has been stressed quite a few times. Although the somewhat recent reveal that Zamorak's Khazard's father gives him a fair shot as well.
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