Why Moia and not Billyboy?

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Moia; Hybrid, Left hand of Zamorak. Strenght and power of a Mahjarrat. Looks and Human emotions and understanding. Trained to be a spy and later on to be a General.

Billrach; Mahjarrat. Lap dog of Zamorak and his Right hand. Created daemonheim and is insane. Holds great power at his disposel. Seems to be able to sense other Mahjarrat at a great distance and more.

Uses for Battle? Moia probably understands humans and there needs and limits which helps for Moral, and is trained by the man him self. Which makes her a trust worthy unit to lead army's and fight.

Billrach, powerful for Summoning and to vaporize army's. Leading a army is something he probably lacks in his current condition, even with Zamorak returned to ease his mind. Probably brought in the Behemoths and Demons during the battle.
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I don't think Bilrach's power is all that relevant here. He's probably meant more for organization and planning, but isn't exactly...a people person. This is where Moia comes in. Runescape doesn't need a needs a villain. An all encompassing force of evil that will remain ever-threatening and use chaos to make the peoples of Gielinor tolerate each other, grow strong together, and fight side by side against this evil. I am that villain.

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