Desert Gods & Their Followers

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How are the minor desert gods connected to their followers? Is it telepathically does their link work?

—Putting the monkeys back in the desert restores Apmeken's senses.

—The attitude of the desert crocodiles are somehow linked to Crondis's attitude, and she can seemingly change how every desert croc feels with a flick of a wrist, almost like mind control...

—Het regained his health and became free of his corruption the moment there was a healthy ruler of Al Kharid.

It's almost as if the desert minor gods are dependent on their respective followers and, vice versa. With that being said, theoretically, would killing Het kill all humans in the desert, the same way corrupting Crondis or taking Apmeken's senses away screwed over their followers. Isn't this enslavement or something? Something similar to what Seren is doing?
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13-Jun-2017 09:31:08

Elf of Seren
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I think they throw their power around a bit, retaining a slight magical connection to their "heritage".

With Apmeken's corruption by Amascut, I think the 3 wise monkeys were a side effect of stealing her sight, hearing, and voice. She had a connection, and getting those senses ripped from her must have travelled through the connection to three random individuals.

With crocodile's apparent intelligence, Crondis decided to keep a connection with them, for whatever reason, presumably something beneficial like protecting the empire, or eating non-humans over humans, or what-have-you. With her corruption they became greedy, like her.

Het gives the Kharidians extra strength, but Amascut corrupted him and the people simultaneously then left. When we restored one, the other was fixed in turn.

I can only imagine something similar happened with Scabaras. When Amascut tricked his followers into leaving seclusion, she probably corrupted him at the same time, but when we got them back into seclusion we probably cured him from whatever corruption he was under. But he's still in hiding, because it's what he does.


I think the connection is more one way tho (god to follower) when it comes to corruption. Corrupt the god to have a minor influence on the people. Corrupt both to make curing a little more difficult/strengthen the corruption. Corrupting the followers alone will have a very minimal effect...

I worded this horribly, but I think I got my theory across.

14-Jun-2017 03:20:04

Half Centaur
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Not just the Kharidians, with Het. I think it's all the desert dwellers, though the Kharidians in particular. The plague in sophanem in particular likely affected him, as he is a god of health.

If Amascut is redeemed, I wonder if she'll regain her connection with cats. Maybe retake her feline face.

I'd certainly appreciate the opportunity to get an Amascut lionness mask.

Wonder if the lack of Hippos and Falcons in the Kharid has negatively affected Elidinis or Tumeken.
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