Spoilers: Desert God Timeline

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Bloodcount said:
I would advise adding a few machetes to the thicket.

Amascut opens the tombs below Menaphos to search for Tumeken (which means that he still exists in some form). She already holds the Kharid-ib (which means that it is not Tumeken, though maybe somehow a piece of his return).

When Amascut is attempting to acquire the Kharid-ib, Scabaras interferes with her plans, meaning that he is aware of what's going on; this leads me to believe that he may not have been corrupted, but maybe he has been since.

Oh I'd say the Kharid-Ib is most definitely Tumeken, or rather a part of him. In Egyptian mythology the soul was divided into several parts, one of them being the "Ib", the heart. That would make the Kharid-Ib quite literally the "Heart of the Sun". We also know that the aspects collectively make up the "Ba" of Tumeken, his personality.
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