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So, Kindred Spirits **********

** is strongly implied that Sliske serves a dragonkin, though we don't have much clue as to which one. Given their knowledge and demeanor, Kerapac (or possibly Phalaks) seems most likely, though that doesn't necessarily fit with their desire to off the False Users in one go. It may be a Dragonkin yet unseen (maybe even one with four arms... would that be stupid?).

Anyways, I'm going to revise this thread soon, made an outline. I always make far too few reserves, so I might end up making a new thread altogether (and I'll get the title right this time, instead of putting 'vosk' where I meant 'dosk')

EDIT: Why in the world is the word 'spoilers' censored? Spoilers. S P O I L E R S. Sp01lers! Any of those register?

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So much for thread being updated soon...

Anyways, interesting revelations from Runefest's lore corner.

Dragonkin homeworld was NOT destroyed in the last revision, but rather somehow overlooked. Well into the creation of the current universe, after the Elders split to pursue their own elemental paths, Jas came across the Kin homeworld. The dragonkin were the first mortal race to covet and attempt to use the Stone of Jas.

The Kin were originally bound to the Stone to PREVENT them from desiring it. As its power was used, their own power would increase, and~

if they desired it, they would be obliterated

This gives a lot more significance to the adamant dragon dungeon mural (Dragonkin cowering from Stone of Jas lightning). Attempting to use the Stone of Jas could destroy them. This explains why the Necrosyrtes just left the Catalyst at the close of RotM, and strongly suggests that some 3rd party must have brought the Stone from Kethsi back to Gielinor.

Also of note - the Stone was created to take Mah's place in the creation of the multiverse.

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Oh I'm not sure if I'd say it wasn't destroyed in the revision. From the way Osborne phrased it it seems to me like The Elder Gods actually destroy the previous universe as they're creating the next one. Instead of the revision being one event predating the universe, it seems like it's actually synonymous with the creation of the universe. I'd compare it to a wave washing over creation, washing away the old and replacing it with something new. -
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So, the Stone of Jas is no more. Does this mean the Curse has ended?

Or has their suffering TRULY BEGUN??!!

Probably that the curse has ended. Also, three new Dragonkin!

Will I ever update this thread? The answer may surprise you!

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