Viable place for Soul Altar?

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According to Mod Srowl*y (scroll all the way down), jagex is planning to put the soul altar at either the elemental workshop, behind the door marked by the soul rune; Menaphos, when the desert quests are finished and the city opens; or the Underworld, like where we visited in the Halloween event 2015 and Nomad's Elegy.

In your opinion, which place would be the most viable place to put said altar? :)
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21-Mar-2016 01:54:05



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Menaphos. With it being the sister city of the City of the Dead and the High Priest of the God of the Dead residing there. Plus the whole connection of Amascut and Icthlarin to souls and the events going on there it makes thematic sense. The desert series is also the biggest series other than the Mahjarrat series, which is finished, to not give access to a new altar.

While the Elemental Workshop has a connection to runes it saeems to me a separate thing.

21-Mar-2016 02:05:33



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The Underworld, because where else are you going to get the power of souls, plus the obvious connection to Itchy and Scratchy Icthlarin and Amascut makes it obvious.

How will you get there? A portal under the Elemental Workshop or in Menaphos. Bam, everyone wins.

21-Mar-2016 02:47:29



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My PoH.

Not PoH's in general, I mean mine specifically. There would be an entry fee.
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^I didn't take the mahjarrat for mercenaries.
But this i take; there has been couple fitting spots to fill in this altar, but it feels they're waiting for good use of supposedly increasing number of soul runes.

21-Mar-2016 14:13:30

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The Underworld doesn't make all that much sense: the Moon Clan and V's followers are all Fremmy's so even if they managed to find a way into the afterlife to construct the altar, they'd have ended up in their own afterlife and not our Underworld.

Both Menaphos and Elemental Workshop make sense, but given the workshop's focus on runic energy, I favor it being placed in there.

21-Mar-2016 17:05:44

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