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Padomenes said:
But isn't it also likely that the Zarosians may have infact used Invictum armour for their melee troops?

Looking at the appearance of that, kind of bears a resemblance to a 'Mahjarrat-Roman' type of design:

Well, we know from Roots in the Community that standard soldiers used enchanted bronze and iron:

He'd spent a good while puzzling over the reasons for making an agricultural tool with such esoteric methods, when even the Imperial Army were equipped with bronze and iron
He'd designed it for battle-axe blades and the two-handed iron swords used by the empire's myrmidons, but the Imperial Army's widespread use of weapon enchantments meant that even the lowliest bronze short sword retained its point and its edge nigh indefinitely, and there'd been no call for such a solution.

However, the army's elite had some interesting design choices:

They were light horse - equipped to serve as skirmishers or outriders - each rider clad in a light cuirass, deep-purple tunic and the customary closed-face helm of the Imperial Army's elite. They were each armed with a short spear, a light bow and a curved, bronze dagger.

A closed-face helm was apparently customary of the Army's elite you say? *Looks back at Invictum's concept art* huh... Seems like this metal was reserved for their elite, or maybe even the elite's elite.
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