Icthlarin: Hero of sixth Age!

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NEW EDIT: Hopefully we will get some new exciting Icthlarin lore very soon! He is going to appear in the Halloween event this month battling his sister Amascut! After that Icthlarin will likely be appearing in at least two quests in 2016 for Sliske's countdown!

Feel free to discuss any new Icthlarin Lore in this thread

Good day everyone,

I was musing over the events of Missing Presumed Death and it suddenly occurred to me how incredibly noble and heroic Icthlarin was during the quest.

We have ALL been let down by all the gods, except for Icthlarin...

When Sliske released the Dragonkin, all of the Gods retreated, leaving Death in prison with only us and Ic*halrin to deal with an immensely powerful Dragonkin, something they collectively or singularly could easily of dealt with!

However they did not, they left, they fled and for all they knew, we would of been killed by the Dragonkin, but worse, they knew Death was imprisoned, essentially damming all souls..

Even Armadyl left, and Saradomin and Zamorak. They all left us and abandoned civilisation by not attempting to save death!

Anyway I think Icthlarin deservers our recognition, our respect and admiration! He went above and beyond for us, he entered a room full of gods that sneered and mocked him..

They would not listen to his pleas and ultimately left him to deal with the Dragonkin..
He was blasted by Sliske and yet was still strong enough to shield us from the Dragonkin!!

Surely the other Gods could of, should have done more!!

Anyway, Icthlarin is a hero and deserves an emissary! :)
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I've never been let down by Zaros..

Of course they left, I would of if I could.

I agree that he's a great character and addition to the sixth age, but you sound like you're ready to convert.

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17-Oct-2013 12:37:15

T Ancalagon

T Ancalagon

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Zaros was not there, so I was not including him in this assessment :)

You might of left if you could, I might of left... but any of the Gods should NOT have left, this was a dangerous threat to everyone just left unresolved... Thankfully Icthlarin did not leave, hence me calling him a hero.

Not converting but I have a deep respect for him and I love that he is based on the Egyptian God Anubis, for those reasons alone Icthlarin appeals to me.
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Soraz said:
I wouldn't get too attached to Icthlarin if I were you. The Gods need easy kills to get their scores up, and Icthlarin happens to be a low tier God.

He also happens to be God of the Underworld, unless any of the other Gods fancy taking up that solitary burden, I'd say it gives Icthalrin a reason to feel safe.
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While I am Armadylian, I have a deep respect for Icthlarin and I will gladly assist him.
Same with Seren.

Zaros is still an unknown entity to me but if he is evil I will not support him even if I respect and like Wahisietel, and Azzanadra.
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I've been saying that there should be some sort of Desert Pantheon Faction since May. I posted my thread in Future Game Updates before the God Emissaries were even out, and it's still there. I'd love Icthlarin to have an emissary so that I can show my support for him, and I'd rather support him than any of the current eight factions.

That said, I don't think he will be the hero of the sixth age. He said in the quest that he's usually busy in the Underworld (and he'll probably be busier than usual with a new God Wars starting and a lot of people dying) and he just came to the mortal world to find Death. Now that that's done, I expect he won't be as active in our world.

Also, with the animation reward we received at the end of the quest, can they really kill him? Because he has to appear every time I die to teleport me away! If he dies, the animation would make no sense. I suppose they could just remove it, but I don't think they've ever done something like that before.
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17-Oct-2013 13:23:43

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Firenova said:
I'm pretty sure he wont be in any more quests now that death is free

Icthlarin himself said he'd meet you (the player) again. I'm sure he's going to make another appearance.

17-Oct-2013 13:24:53

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