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Hi All,

As I am sure you all know, Saradomin has the White (knights) armour; and Zamorak has the Black (knights) armour... but do any other gods own/are linked to any of the lower tier armours (<Rune)?

Just a thought, which I think would be quite interesting to explore from a lore perspective..

Please post thoughts below it would good to try and make some headroom with this!

Happy Hunting!

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To be fair, White/Black armors are mid tier (25) between steel and mithril, so your question is kind of weird, because white/black armors aren't really a metal. The RS Wiki will post your IP Address online

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Canonically or in-game?

In-game, there’s not much. At least for humans, but that probably has more to do with Sara and Zammy having the most following amongst modern humans. I mean, I’m sure the stuff that makes up goblinmail goes through some kind of treatment process, but it’s just not useful to us.

Canonically, we know the armies of the gods were largely outfitted in steel or worse, with exceptions for those of notably high rank. Roots in the Community is a Lore and History story that at least touches upon what the Zarosian empire’s army was outfitted in and how the weapons were enchanted to never go dull. So I think it’s very likely the other gods had their own ways of treating the low tier metals that just didn’t survive to modern Gielinor like the creation of black and white gear did (or did, but aren't being used by humans).

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Wellllll... I shouldn't have to remind someone named Bandos about the Bird and the Beast World Event, but yeah...

If you recall the bodyguards, battlemages, and ambushers were wearing modernish incarnations (Runescape-wise) of Bandos and Armadyl armor. Unluckily for you, those units where more light infantry and outfitted in heave cloth and leather that allows freer motion and not heavy infantry outfitted with heavier metallic armor like I suspect you want to see.

The Black and White Knights are probably being held a bit behind on war tactics because of tradition, but in battles where mages and archers are involved, outfitting everyone suits of armor like the Black and White Knights wear is silly and expensive. Even the archers and mages on both sides of the Battle of Lumbridge were outfitted in at least heavy chainmail. I think, though, both sides just like showing off how much money they have with long grinding battles against each other that don't result in much. The White Knights are probably funded through Asgarnian taxes (Well, the taxes that don't go to the Imperial Guard, anyhow) and the Black Knights are probably heavily financed by merchants and other ... 'capitalists?'

Bandos and Armadyl might not have metallic armors, at least not for un-specialized units, like the White and Black Knights do. They aren't the types of gods to tell their followers to fight each other with their money. Bandos was a war nerd and probably knew the idea was tactically silly and Armadyl... well, he's a bird and birds don't do heavy armor. There were the golems but those were built to defend a slow moving caravan.
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