When's our next Lore Corner?!

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Probably the week after Rite of Passage 2 comes out Wake me up when Osborne resigns | Will not be renewing membership until Jagex deals with its toxic developer culture & has a new, better lead designer | *Soon TM” is not a fun joke, it is an admission the company is an embarrassment

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To be honest, if/when they do, I hope they limit people to 1-3 questions.

I know there are lore hounds, but when you ask 100 frigging questions ... you
- duplicate other people's questions
not a complete issue since it shows that lots of people want to know ... but it does cause them to burn time re-reading it for the n-th time

- drown out other people
remember, you're not the only one that wants to know things or has questions

- fail to remember that even the devs don't know everything or won't share everything
the developers who are doing the lore corners aren't omniscient or omnipotent or omnipresent. most work on several projects, and frankly, can forget stuff. and are usually most knowledgeable about their own projects.
they're still human.
we have A FRIGGIN' LOT of lore in game
and as we've seen over recent releases ... they still fail lore-checks

in addition, they don't want to spoil everything.
so asking them about "what's coming out in the quest lore" should immediately be negated.
character or race history or characteristics? sure. ok.

In the next lore corner ... please remember to pace yourselves.
If you're more hyped about upcoming topics, have a few VERY targeted questions ready.
If you're looking to fill in some gaps in existing lore, again, have very targeted questions.

If you're question is probably going to require an in game book/diary/NPC to tell the story because you're asking for "the history of Camorra" or "the battle of [thing]", you might be better off asking if they can release an in game book or dialogue for that.

22-Mar-2017 14:49:27

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If this is like the VIP Q&A when they use to do it, it could be soon.
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