When's our next Lore Corner?!

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I agree with Deltaslug, I hope they limit the number of questions people can submit to both control and make us prioritize what lore answers are asked. I think as for how often, I believe that about once a year would be reasonable, considering their numerous other responsibilities.

11-Apr-2017 17:33:07

Naval Pupper
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I really hope they don't limit it honestly, since they pretty much answer any question they're allowed to answer and that they know the answer to. There's not much benefit for us if they limit it. Mods pls notice me

12-Apr-2017 00:06:21



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Raleirosen said:
Keep this frontpaged until a mod takes notice.


I'm almost tempted to get on my old account and tweet a couple mods.
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13-Apr-2017 11:30:56

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some lorehounds might know the answers to your questions? might as well give it a go here? |
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13-Apr-2017 23:01:12

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