Here is new lore on Aviansies

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Elf of Seren said:
Naval Pupper said:
Elf of Seren said:
Naval Pupper said:
Not every race had/has access to full-scale magic, yanno? Aviantese never really struck me as a super magically-inclined race.

Maybe not, but they do have an entire section of their army devoted to war magicks, so I'd say that they have as much as at least the gnomes. Just because we don't see it constantly doesn't mean it's not there.

None of the aviansie in the GWD use magic - only melee and ranged, according to the wiki. Well, besides one of Kree's bodyguards.

Let's pretend that one of Armadyl's Generals during Bird and the Beast wasn't the leader of a contingent of mages.

Let's also pretend that there were no mages during the Bird and the Beast, even tho they were 1/5 of the bodyguard population. mage

Let's also pretend that there are no Avainsie Spiritual Mages in GWD.


^ Ty Paladin. Idk why they didn't just do that in the first place.

lol no offense but are you just unable to read english? he said in GWD not the Bird and the beast so that whole thing was pointless, not to mention the spiritual mages in the GWD arent avainsie so that whole part was pointless as well, heck even in the bird and the beast event werent all the mages there human anyway?

in short u attacked him over stuff that 1. he didnt say and 2. that doesnt even fit with what he said.

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