Lore-wise, how powerful is PC?

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More powerful than you think, less powerful than you thought.

Let me throw this out there now. We are by no means weak. We have faced down Mahjarrat fresh off a ritual and made them yield. I wouldn't say that we defeated them, but that we fought them to a standstill, that they realized getting past us any time soon was unlikely, so they turned away out of.. impatience with the fight.
If they were to fight us to the death? We would definitely die first, but we wouldn't go down easy.

As far as humans go, we're the top. Some may top us in certain aspects of combat, but overall we're as good as good gets for a human. Nomad was the only other full-fledged human to make Zamorak's elite team in his attempt to steal the Catalyst from Sliske. Zamorak himself compared Nomad's mastery of magic to that of Enakhra, who was among the more powerful Mahjarrat. We beat Nomad. Three times over.

I wouldn't call us a god, but I wouldn't call us a human either. We're someone else... something else..
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