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I’m very happy with the update.

We now have a canonical chronology. Although some quests are still labeled “ambiguous” with regard to age based on the quests themselves, the chronology sets these in the 5th. That allows developers to re-locate these quests later in the chronology, without making changes to them, if needed for reasons of story.

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This shortens my lore-y wishlist:

(1) I’d like to see them use the new chronology to set some of the 5th age quests in years preceding V.169, so that that year isn’t absurdly packed.

(2) I’d like to see Gielinor’s vast timeline compressed, so that each age is a mere millennium or so and Gielinor’s ancient history can grow a bit denser.

(If I could really rework the calendar, I’d do something like this (some important and some random dates):
Year 0 - some legendary event, like the arrival of Guthix, or the opening of the world gate, or the arrival of some particular population...
~ 180 of the 2nd millennium (1180): Saradomin takes Hallowvale from Zaros after the latter fails to conquer Mahjarrat-defended Ullek.
~ 980 of the 2nd millennium (1980): rebellion of Zamorak
Year 2000 - return of Zamorak to Gielinor, start of the Godwars.
100s of the 3rd millennium (2100s) - fall of Anakarl, Nex, and the “northern empire,” i.e. the northern portion of the Zarosian empire
early 700s of the 3rd millennium (2700s) - fall of Senntisten and the “southern empire,” retreat of Zarosians into the Kharidian, beginning of the Godwars in the northern Kharidian
((2.5) I would change the lore so that Azzanadra was imprisoned toward the end of the 1000-year Godwars, having valiantly defended the region from Senntisten to Kharid-Et for over six centuries. So much better than “territories changed hands many times.”)
Year 3000 - return of Guthix, end of Godwars
Year 3196 - foundation of Order of Ascension
Year 3225 - descent of Bilrach
Year 3669 - end of the dwarven monarchy, foundation of Consortium
Year 3777 - settlers move into Morytania
Year 3930 - 3935 - elven civil war, invasion of Hazeel and Khazard
Year 3937 - foundation of Lumbridge
(Things falling on such even numbers doesn’t have to be odd if it was accepted that (1) the Godwars last one millennium and (2) everything else is dated relative to the beginning and end of the Godwars.))

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(3) The recent m&s rework, the ongoing comp cape rework, the firemaking rework, and hopefully a review of mini-games show an encouraging return to fundamentals and an effort to restore intelligibility in the world of RuneScape for new players. In line with my interests for 12 years, I’d love to see really comprehensive lore on planes and magic, but - alas - that will progress in its own time and apart from my preferences.

(If I could, I’d apply that sort of lore to an account of why we have both RuneScape and Old School, e.g.: At the death of Guthix, and due also to other subtle shifts in the magics of the world, many memories and spirits were lost, submerged into shadow. Some of the effects were obvious - the fall of the Edicts, the visible manifestations of anima, etc. But other effects were hidden. As years passed, some of those memories/spirits/magics re-emerged from shadow - an alternate Gielinor appeared, in which the death of Guthix never occurred! Two Gielinors, each in the shadow realm of the other, mutually inaccessible, developing parallel and even contradictory histories...for now.... - that’d leave lots of options for future intergame development, maybe even use of the legendary Flames of Lloigh-Enn! lol)

(4) Finally, I have been away a long time and am not really coming back but to express my appreciation for this update. Maybe, if Jagex ever produces an extremely abbreviated version of RuneScape for mobile with ~30 hours of main content and ~100 hours to max, I’d play that for nostalgia’s sake.

I hope you lorehounds are well!

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Jagex should hire you to write lore :P

Seriously though, I like everything you stated here. Although, instead of expanding back some quests to before 169, I'd like to see some quests expanded forward past 169-- up as many as 12 years (so the death of Guthix would have taken place in 181)
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That’d be fun, though I’ve been happy to supply it for free!

On Thursday night, I came up with another chunk of lore - a policy agenda for the Godless. They’re an underdeveloped faction, and they won’t go anywhere if they are characterized by no more than their rejection of gods. So this might provide them with a positive characterization.

Something like this:

I. Preamble

(1) Sapient beings are dignified by their capacity to live together in common and to govern their common life by means of persuasion, i.e. in contrast to coercion.

(2) The Godless faction seeks to defend and to promote such dignified common life for all sapient beings who would seek it.

(3) To attain this end, the Godless seek, first, peace and cooperation among the mortals of Gielinor, who by their natures already enjoy some forms of common life.

(4) Second, they seek to clarify relations with beings who do not by their nature enjoy common life, as well as with beings of exceptional power and other organizations that threaten the dignified common life of Gielinorians.

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II. A New Council

(5) Throughout the 5th age, there was some degree of cooperation among the kingdoms and races of Gielinor through the RuneScape Council, representing at least humans, dwarves, goblins, ogres, and monkeys. The work of the Council, however, was kept secret. The Godless faction seeks the reconstitution of the Council as a transparent institution - for transparency is essential to governance by persuasion.

(6) To the extent that each body assents to the foregoing points in accord with the will of its people, let the Council include delegations from following:
The Kingdom of Misthalin, and its towns and villages
The Kingdom of Asgarnia, with its towns, royalty, druids, imperial guard, and orders of knights
The Kingdom of Kandarin, with its various provinces
The Emirate of Al-Kharid
The Menaphite Empire and its vassals throughout the Kharidian
The Tribes of Karamja
The Fremennik Tribes
The island kingdoms and settlements
The dwarves of Keldagrim and Asgarnia
The goblins of Dorgesh-Kaan, Goblin Village, and elsewhere
The ogres and ogresses of Feldip Hills
The monkeys of Ape Atoll, Karamja, and their Kharidian Colony
The gnomes of the Grand Tree, the Village, and (depending on what happened at the end of the 5th age) Arposandra
The elves of Tirannwn
The fairies of Zanaris
The TzHaar and TokHaar

(7) In addition to these, let the Council inquire whether the following would assent to the points above and participate in the Council:
The Kingdom of Morytania, with representatives of its vampyres, vampires, werewolves, humans, and icyene
The trolls of Trollweiss
The sea trolls of the Lunar Sea
The jogres of Karamja
The mogres of southern Asgarnia
Any hobgoblins, ourgs, ilujanka, aviantese, and icyene across the world

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(8) Even among the potentially peaceful races named so far named, there are many conflicts. Insofar as these can be resolved locally and bilaterally, the Council need not address them. Prominent among these are the internal divisions of Asgarnia, competition between Al-Kharid and Menaphos (depending on what happens at the end of the 5th age), the future of Morytania, the pervasive threat of raiding by the Bandosian races, and the limitation of piracy.

III. Addressing Dangerous Races

(9) In addition to the potentially peaceful races, Gielinor is filled with species that are dangerous and of questionable sapience. For the most part, these creatures reside in the dungeons of the world. Unless they become a threat to the kingdoms of the potentially peaceful races, they ought to be left alone. (Law of Dungeons)

(10) Some of these races do threaten the potentially peaceful races. If such threats are customarily countered on the local level, such as dagannoths and penance, then the Council ought not address these. Whether with the approach of Xau-Tak the horrors will become a threat requiring global attention remains to be seen.

(11) Some other races are best banished from Gielinor entirely, such as the sea slugs were or the void pests. This might apply to the demons of Infernus - for the most part, it does not seem to be in their nature to participate in the dignified common life that we defend. Thus, it seems fitting for the Council of Gielinor to consider strategies for preventing their projected presences in the world and the consequent threat of raids. However, if some demons would accept the principles above, such as Ux, then these could be invited to remain in Gielinor and could be represented in the Council. This need not apply to imps and implings who pose no great threat to the mortals of Gielinor. Finally, whether the airut could participate in dignified common life, are a tolerable local threat, or ought to be banished entirely is not clear.

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(12) At least two races deserve some oversight by the Council. These are the penguins, who plot continuously to overthrow the kingdoms of Gielinor, and dragons, who occasionally cause great harm to mortals. A dragon like Mr. Mordaut could participate in the Council and serve as a liaison for his brethren.

(13) Finally, two races deserve special consideration. These are the dragonkin and the mahjarrat. After the destruction of the Stone of Jas, it is unclear what the dragonkin will do next. Kerapac will likely look to continue his experiments, and as we will discuss below he ought to answer to the Council for this. Perhaps all or some of them could come to participate in the dignified common life that we seek - maybe taking up residence at Baxtorian Falls or Daemonheim once again - and participating in the Council. Otherwise it is likely that in time we ought to seek their banishment.

(14) The future of the mahjarrat is likewise in question. Freed from their rituals and presented with a new relation to the gods, which we will discuss below, some could accept our common life and participate in the Council. Kharshai would seem open to this and could continue to live among the Fremennik. The Zarosian mahjarrat, as well as Nex, Char, and the Zarosian bandits, could be given the land from Gulvas Mansion to the Exam Centre for a kingdom of their own. We must wait to see how Azzanadra’s growing power affects him. The Zamorakian mahjarrat seem least likely to remain peacefully within their own territory, but if they would they could have to themselves the North, i.e. the Ghorrock Plateau.

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IV. Addressing the Gods

(15) Although the Godless would seem to reject all gods, the Godless need not seek their banishment - not all gods cause wars, and not all wars are caused by gods. Rather, the gods themselves could be invited to live by the principles above.

(16) In consequence, first, the private quarrels of the gods shall not be settled at the expense of mortals. Second, though the gods may rule some territories, they shall not rule primarily by force. Third, beyond the territories entrusted to them, the gods shall not exercise influence primarily by virtue of the authority due to their great knowledge and age - in every case globally and in most cases locally, all who rule shall rule primarily by persuasion.

(17) To expand upon this last point: We will not accept the commands of gods because they have impressed us by displays of power and knowledge but because they have persuaded us as free and equal partners in our dignified common life. We cannot know the consequences of foregoing the benefits of whatever incommunicable wisdom the gods might possess, but we have firmly chosen to forego them.

(18) Several gods may accept these terms and continue to rule within their traditional territories, such as Marimbo, Ichthlarin and the rest of the Menaphite Pantheon, and the other minor gods. (The fate of Amascut is unknown.) Armadyl could be given the Galarpos to settle with the remaining Aviantese, as well as the right to request aerial territories above the other kingdoms. Brassica Prime may attend to vegetables wherever they are found.

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(Old headcannon: Armadyl might also receive for settlement the ruins of New Kathekontos, the ancient city of the Aviantese in Piscatoris. (The original Kathekontos was a pre-Zarosian human fortress atop Ice Mountain. Impressed by the dutiful vigilance of its people, Armadyl chose to name his city upon Gielinor in its honor. “Kathekontos” is Greek for “office/duty.” I never believed Juna’s story of snowflake-beings there.)

(19) Each of the remaining gods requires special consideration. Seren may accept these terms, agreeing to rule Tirannwn in peace - whether she has other designs is not yet clear. She may be represented at the Council in addition to the elves of Tirannwn.

(20) Saradomin has sought to rule entirely by virtue of the authority of his wisdom. We this reject aim and offer for his rule only the island of Entrana. The Church of Saradomin may retain its privileges and maintain its operation, but we will oppose any efforts by it to undermine rule primarily by persuasion where it exists.

(21) Zamorak does not so much exhibit desire to rule as a confusing philanthropic anarchism. He could therefore dwell anywhere that would welcome him and contribute his commentary on all things against oppression and stagnation, provided that he did so transparently and without coercion. Having answered for crimes to be discussed below, he could then be a welcome member of the Council.

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