Concerning Camorra

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Could be possible she is a descendant of Robert the Strong and Ilsinor.

It is rather common for heroes to have a powerful lineage.

We know Robert the Strong was active in the early 4th Age and Camorra in the middle.
So plenty of time for her to be a grand-daughter or great-grand-daughter of the legend.

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AesirWarrior said:
I have this headcanon that dragons used to be a lot more dangerous, until humans drove them into hiding with magic once the Essence mine was rediscovered. That's why most of them are either in caves or in the Wilderness, not hunting out in the wild (... except for the Wilderness). Nevertheless, I still don't think that'd put Camorra quite on Robert or Arrav's level, so I imagine Garak was a lot more powerful than your traditional dragon. Hell, what if Garak was actually a dragonkin and people, not knowing what the kin were, confused him for a dragon?

A form of unnatural selection in dragons?

In real life, there are species that because they are a threat to humanity, their populations have been culled.

For example, in an area of Texas, there were lots of rattlesnakes.
A guy was hired to constantly go after the nests.
But rattlesnakes give themselves away by their "rattle".
A trend that developed was as he kept clearing more and more nests, the rattlesnakes "rattles" got quieter and quieter because the ones with the genes for loud rattles kept getting culled. Eventually you couldn't even hear them without some sort of amplifier (the guy was using a giant stethoscope to listen for nests).

You run into similar stories with the creation of domesticated farm animals and even hte different dog breeds.

But would this be a suggestion that dragons were bigger, meaner, and stronger back in the 4th Age?
But years of heroes driving them out weeded out the strongest and most aggressive ones, leaving the runts of the litters?
So that as we reached the 5th Age, dragons are still big and mean, but a shadow of their former selves (as demonstrated with the KBD and QBD)?
Even Elvarg is something of a hold over between generations? Not as big and mean as the rest of her 4th Age brethren, even down to the physical size of 5th Age dragons ... but with still way more punch in her power?

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