Is it really "Magic?"

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The only real distinction when it comes to magic is anima.

I sincerely believe that magic is an unintentional force (that may or may not tie in to a certain possibility regarding the Stone of Jas, but this isn't the topic to discuss that,) marked by the use of anima. Even prayer is derived from anima, in a loose sense. (If you can, read Necrovarus' notes from the Halloween event. They're quite good.)

The 'ignorance is power' statement isn't debunked, but explained differently with the Idle Adventures game.* The villagers of Draynor seem fairly incompetent, but as Sally weaves her way through, the collective anima circulation improves with the villagers' skills.

It's not a case of 'the less you understand', I think it's simply the case that those with high potential anima do eventually unlock ways to utilize that anima, making them biased to certain skills. (Which isn't efficient for one's own anima output, but that's another story.)

I can't say anything for Kenneth, because Salt in the Wound was a cop-out, but one of the whole points of the TzHaar series was to show that the Ga'al were useful to society and had high potential outside of rigid TzHaar traditions. I don't think their high potential is a coincidence given that they're 'descended' from an Elder Artifact. (And given that Mod Stu is the one who created Ful and wants desperately to come back to her story, I doubt the subject of the Ga'al would be untouched.)

Finally, one more thing to get off of my chest: I think the World Guardian's nigh-omnipotence can be boiled down to cosmic luck. As an adventurer, they traveled the entire western half of the world in much the same way Sally is now doing, raising their skills and reaching their highest potential. But not only are they one of the most well-rounded of all characters in terms of skill, they were in the exact correct place to become the World Guardian, having their role as one of the most skillful people on the planet validated.

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*(I must state that I am not breaking NDA; I'm referring to the discussion between Sally and Farmer Fred at the start of the game, which was shown publicly at the Summer Summit. Also, I ran out of lines. Oops.)

Does Idle Adventures even still have any NDA?

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