The Crandor betrayal

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Hadn't thought about it that far. But I think we'd be safe, as would an epic journey, and it would be the second time, no third time we've messed with time in some way to obtain a particular goal. Though a temporary time loop (or time bubble) could be the difference between Dimension of Disaster and present day Gielinor.

So thinking on it further based in it being a purpose created time loop, maybe Crandor had to go to create a timeline that would allow Gielinor to survive the coming of the Elder gods? Can my brain explode now?:P
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Raxxess said:
ZAmorakZaros said:
Doctor Salt said:
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...maybe in ten years armadyl becomes the new bad guy


-Armadyl Followers, 2019

i am just saying that zamorak was the evil one for about ten years...

Zamorak wasn't even around. Neither was Saradomin or any god. The edicts of guthix made it impossible.

If you are saying faction wise I'd say hardly. They are all just followers of his that ended up going solo. That's like saying HAM is portraying Saradomin as a bad guy.

In all honesty that 10 years was Zamorak glorification. Think of how much lore you find out about his followers and how much spot light they were given. Ontop of showing his followers as these ultra edgy ultra powerful beings while you had to help some incompetent Saradominist who was shown as borderline helpless the only exception maybe being the temple knights but even they don't compare to some of Zamorak's weaker followers.

And absolutely everyone said that zamorak and zamorakians are evil. EVEN ZAMORAKIANS. Why do you think zamorak lost the battle of lumbridge? I blame those 10 years of BEING PRESENTED AS THE EVIL HIMSELF
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