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I’ve been thinking about this, and I’m sure many others have already discussed this. Jagex has written themselves into a position where they can’t reasonably escalate the importance of any quest series beyond that of the Elder God series. The EGs are literally creation made manifest, and those beings have offered an ultimatum to the World Guardian that boils down to “if you fail, all mortal life ceases to exist.” The stakes really can’t get higher than this, possibly with the exception of a Xau-Tak series, which I believe could be a sixth Elder God, what with how secretive Jagex is being about them and what we know about how it affects those who encounter it.
So my question is, once Jagex wraps up the Elder God series, where can the story realistically go? Would it just be over, and the only quests we’d get are ambiguous non-lore related quests? It seems really risky escalating the story so quickly after the sixth age has begun.

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There's always a bigger fish, right?
I agree that lore-wise it can't get anymore cataclysmic than the Elder god series.
However, the Elder gods are not your classic evil villains that are working against the player and do not have to be defeated.
As such, I do not think that the elder gods have to be one-upped.
Think of it like this: The Elder gods threaten the entire universe which includes your home; Zemouregal threatens your town which includes your home; that bushfire next to your home threatens your home. Causes that vastly differ, but the outcome to your home is the same and all have to be overcome. In that sense, there might not be a bigger fish, but there certainly will be a different one.
Also, villains absolutely do not need to be world-enders to create an interesting story...
TLDR: the Joker was a more interesting villain than Steppenwolf

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Way I see it, there's a few ways it can go. The logical choice would be to make the Elder God series long enough to explore a lot of different plot threads as it goes along, but use the fallout of the overall chain to explore what didn't get fully wrapped up for whatever reason.

The other way would be just to create new scenarios that came about because of whatever happened in the Elder series. Say that we manage to somehow kill or remove them from the picture during the series. That leaves the door open for things like cults popping up to attempt reviving them or getting them back. Maybe other groups will cause problems for the younger gods and their factions because, hey...if it's possible to beat forces of nature, it should be possible to do some damage to something of considerably lesser power in comparison.

Or we could just start doing new things totally unrelated to them. There's a lot of worlds and unexplored mysteries in the backstory, and that's not counting things we haven't even heard of yet. Just because they're not Elder God tier in terms of power doesn't mean that they're not a threat or boring. It'd just be different.
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I think once the elder gods are over and done with a return to our adventuring roots where we as a mortal stand toe to toe with a rogues gallery of villains would be very refreshing. Quests where we foil plots, fight monsters, explore new realms and meet new friends and enemies bringing with mortal potential.
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I'm going to take a stab at how I think the Elders plot line is going to wrap up. Currently, we're tasked with proving to Jas that mortal life deserves to live. As it stands, there's no way of doing that. Mortals in RS are just some accidental termites that sprang up and chewed up their creation. The way these situations usually get resolved is to create a conflict that catches the other party off guard and we would have to solve it.

This is where Xau-Tak comes in. As discovered in the Redacted Dragonkin Research, Black Stone negates anima. Xau managing to infect Gielinor, the elders' main source of anima, would be catastrophic for them. There's also the whole elder infection theory, and his goal of an eternity of death, opposing Jas's representation of time. All of this sets him up to be our big bad who we must somehow defeat in order to convince Jas that mortals have value.

After the Elders plot line is resolved, I doubt they'll try anything that ambitious again. We'll probably get to explore a lot of other worlds, as well as tie up loose ends. The dragonkin now have an identity crisis, and Nomad has gone missing in action again. I doubt the drama of the younger gods is going to stop after the universe is saved either.

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