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Deltaslug said:
The God of Annoyance.

Sliske comes off as the God of Chaos for the sake of Chaos (Zamorak would be like Darth Vader to Sliske's the Joker) or at the very least, the God of Trolling.

But I would go straight to things like
- inventing Techno-Yodeling-Polka and Techno-Polka-Yodeling
- inventing a discussion forum to argue whether Techno-Yodeling-Polka or Techno-Polka-Yodeling was more annoying
- pulling down Saradomin's pants while he was battling Zamorak (then tickling Zamorak's tummy)
- changing around everyone's maps during Armadyl's and Bandos' battle so everyone went to the wrong spots to collect divine energy
- then changing the coordinates of where the Divine Focus struck (it missed Bandos but blew up something else, in a funny sort of way like it hits the Chaos Temple near the Goblin Village, or a certain cart.)

*Images scene's from "The last air bender" with the cabbage guy.*

*Then images it in RS.*
"If you believe you can distance yourself from the harm you cause, you're deluding yourself. You're not some mindless tool. You're accountable. Your actions will catch up with you eventually." -Jedi Master Jun Seros; Swtor Bounty Hunter storyline.

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