Crystal Tele-Portals

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I was considering what we could do about the extra platforms at Priff waterfall when the thought of diving into the waterfall came to me. Now what could we do with that? Well next thought was where would we go then I quickly thought what about a secret portal which just got me on the thought of crystal portals.
Now when we have our crystal teleport seeds they resonate at particular frequency to teleport us to the location right? What if we crafted a circle/portal entrance from the teleport seeds. Could we create the next level of teleportation, have the portal resonate at the right frequency to take us where ever we want.

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Probably. The problem is we'd have to get it to resonate at the perfect frequency every time. Crystal singing isn't that simple, and we just barely managed to pull it off in Mourning's End, and we still need the harmonic dust and a singing bowl to do it post Plague's End.
I'm not sure the Player could do it themselves, but I'm sure the Elves could get it right rather quickly. Another problem is that we'd need to keep the portal open constantly.. so what, we keep the Elves singing forever? LOL
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