Secrets of the Schism

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Ancient Drew said:
It's not Loarnab. Zaros didn't reach Gielinor until the Second Age, and Saradomin became a god way before Guthix found it and started the First Age.

Although it does seem that the Schism leads to the Abyss. But it is possible that the Schism, Rift and possibly the Underwater City are all places that go through the Abyss, although in different areas to the one where we go to runecraft. The Abyss is practically a bin where the Elder Gods throw worlds they've revised, and it can be accessed anywhere. Although the Schism and the Rift are probably some of the main entrances.

Oh no, I'm not saying it's Loarnab. That was just my example, for precedent of gods being turned into portals. Maybe something similar was done with the Schism.

Though, honestly, it's a pretty out-there theory. I think the Dragonkin connection, especially now we have greater insight into the Magisters, may bear more fruit.

04-Oct-2016 18:34:03

Vitae Mundi
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Vitae Mundi

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The Stone of Jas was destroyed, but where would that massive energy go?
The Stone of Jas is an egg, taken away from the cicle by Jas (elder god related with TIME) so that it would herald a new era (in the hopes of stopping the cicle of rebirth, i assume the elder gods are suffering from the cicle, each time less and less elders are able to be reborn).

An elder artefact made with Jas' own egg, so it express Jas' aspect: Time and Knowledge.
We've seen the Knowledge and Time part, literally, each time we touched the stone, we had a flashback into the past, giving us knowledge.

Okay, now. The sixth elder god is formless.

The schism and the daemonheim rift are the same.

Both the schism and DR are sentient, they whisper.

Both (schism and DR) are portals, and they bend stuff around it, they bend space... then why not bend time?

Has the stone of jas' destruction punctured a hole in time? (if so, it would explain how it existed before the stone was destroyed), and is that hole actually the sixth elder god, born from the infusion of Gielinor's heart anima into the Stone of Jas

(The kin used the elder mirror the direct a fuck huge ton of anima into the stone, anima is food for the elder gods, and when they are reborn, they hatch, and they suck anima)
Is Gielinor the past of Teragard?)

(Btw just a side note, Mazcab and Chantli are the same worlds, but the goebies changed how they called their own world after it were drastically changed by tuska)

What are souls made of? anima, complex anima constructs along with a bit of elder magic.
What feeds on anima? Elder gods.
What does the schism and DR do? both whispers to people, in hope of siphoning their soul.
Why is the schism/DR not a proper elder god (if it is one) ? well, boil an egg, then somehow with a surge of energy it hatches, the result wont be the creature that the egg is from.
The schism/DR is a deformed elder, devoid of form, and it exists in multiple times?
I have so much more thoughts about this.

22-May-2017 20:01:00

Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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sTReTCh1028 said:
My thoughts -- the Schism/Rift is the "other" Elder God Zaros speaks of, currently without a corporal body.

It's a nice thought, but no. It's also not Loarnab as someone mentioned earlier.

Love the thoughts you guys have about the Schism, some of them are a bit out there though. Thought I'd wade in and let you know that I am reading it and finding it really interesting.

= Raven =

24-May-2017 17:04:41

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