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Bobbles said:
Don't give the MTX team ideas, they'll take you seriously! Their job is to get good ideas for items and put them on TH for limited time promotions and discontinue them, no matter what their benefits are or how useful it could have been to release them through minigames and breathing new life into them. They don't need to care about the consequences. They don't need to care about stuff like Silverhawk boots balancing on release because they can just shrug it off later with typical comments like:
Original message details are unavailable.
We’re human and we occasionally make mistakes. This undoubtedly happened with the Silverhawk Boots item which was added to Treasure Hunter recently.

Don't forget the classic:
Original message details are unavailable.

(Get it? Silence!)

They don't even need to care about giving their target, the key buyer, a fair deal. Remember Valentine 2014? That was a blast.
People were simultaneously getting spammed with offers for double keys on purchases so there might have been more keys used on that promotion than normal. Wording for the offers was vague and apparently only applied for the first purchase, so people were mad after trying to buy even more double keys.
Valentine love notes were untradeable and the only consolation prize after unlocking all the main rewards was chocolate which was tradeable 1-for-1. Key buyers couldn't profit from their leftover notes and those who didn't buy keys were lucky to get even 1 of the cheaper prizes.

Mmg also said our fundamental philosophy is having fun is more important than making as much money as possible
We must change the raffle rules to avoid raffle rigging in future

20-Jun-2014 22:56:01

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