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In all seriousness, unless TH gets removed, level packs are very unlikely to happen; TH is predatory gambling, while a level package bought with runecoins would not be, since what you would receive from a level package is fixed and the cost is well known to you in advance (aka informed decision purchase). Plus, it's not really "hot" in the gaming industry like the battle pass thing is.

So assuming that Jagex keeps going down the path of destroying the game integrity further, whatever form of MTX is to follow, has to be predatory and/or the latter thing about hot. > )
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29-Jun-2018 23:21:27

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Nope. Jagex can sell 90 all stats for a lot more than 250 runecoins from lamps and stars.

You better believe there will be more variations of MTX in the years to come, but Jagex is not looking at a pathetic 250 runecoins. :D:D:D

30-Jun-2018 04:52:05

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