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i do not know where to post so i will post this hear move close or other wise delete if you fell needed.

to day i did not get my daily keys and i have seen other post on this in the past but do not remember what was done about the issue. i had 8 keys and re loged and still had my 8 keys....

02-Jan-2019 00:16:59

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U need to use ur daily keys daily.

They do not accumulate by simply logging in.

My guess is some of ur 8 keys included the daily keys... U probably didn't use ur daily keys and lost them and have new daily keys, so u still have 8.
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02-Jan-2019 17:09:37

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use the daily keys but any you get from daily challenges etc you can save up to the 10 you
are wanting to save.
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13-Jan-2019 01:16:31

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