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UrekMazino said:
Dilbert2001 said:
Nobody needs arguments unless you try to argue with yourself again and again.

is if somebody pays real money for one thing and demand to know its odds, there is no reason for him not to demand to know the odds of the other random thing he is paying real money for.

If you don't agree. don't pay then. Nobody forces you to. The game is free to play. Let the ones who are happy to pay spend their money.

The reason someone may not demand is probably because the game devs are not obligated to reveal them, not at least until laws are put in place that forces devs to reveal them. So why bother asking, especially they've already turned a deaf ear to such requests before?

And you're right, OP should probably not have spent his money. But does the customer not have the right to complain about it?

Don't spend your money on any games if you don't like the RNG in the games then. This user threatened to quite OSRS because the odds was against him in getting a gout tuber. OSRS also does not reveal the odds of a gout tuber:,286,347,66068237

It is not just TH. It is not even just Effy and Phoenix Eggling pet drop rate not be revealed. RNG based features are all over all the Jagex games, and every online game in that respect. A lot of such odds are not revealed and a lot of players are "frustrated" or ragequitted... but so what? If the odds are against them nothing they can do. If they don't want to spend money, so be it.

Don't say just TH has to reveal the odds, especially some living example showed somebody can easily rage quit over the odds of a petty gout tuber in OSRS, which certainly has no TH spelled there whatsoever. The moral of the story is, if you don't like the odds, don't spend money and don't even buy membership.

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