Ghostweave returns question?

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You have to get any of the 6 outfits which is near impossible unless you are lucky.

People have bought a huge amount of keys and haven't even finished all outfits.

The title is my title currently, "the Ghostly" which I got back in 2014 when we could get cloth from skilling. But now you can only get cloth from TH.

You can also get 'the Treated' and 'the Trickster' titles if you get 3 outfits.
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You need 14500 ghostweave to unlock all outfits (if you don't have any from 2014). This includes the free 600.

49 red prizes -or-
97 orange prizes -or-
290 yellow prizes -or-
726 white prizes -or-

If unlocking only the 600 pricing outfits for title and emote (which is a stationary ghost looks like the ones in morytania swamp).

You'd have to win...
10 red -or-
20 orange -or-
60 yellow -or-
150 white -or-

I guess if you spend $50 on keys, you can unlock most of them. Even spending $100 you won't get all the outfits. I'm up to 700 ghostweave total from using 15 earned keys. I just won two yellow prizes.

This was hard in 2014, Jagex made it much harder in 2017 to get ghostweave. Only difference is everyone can get one free outfit. It is better than nothing tbh
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