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Need some assistance please.

I have several different pieces of the outfit; not a complete "set". I do have the Warped Head though. My question is this: Do I need to complete a "set" in order to use during a floor?

Reason: I tried doing a floor with the Warped Head and various pieces of the outfit equipped. Nothing else equipped or in backpack. Window popped up stating that I could not enter while carrying...blah, blah, blah. does one use this equipment???

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If you own a warped head and 4 parts of another gorajan outfit (like 4 frozen parts), than it will count as owning the full frozen set while in a Dung. However, if you own a mixture like:
-warped head
-frozen body
-abandoned legs
-furnished gloves
-occult feet

then you don't have a full set and won't receive any benefit.

Also, you don't actually bring these items into a Dung floor with you. If you own a full set as shown in the examples above, you'll automatically receive the benefits of the full set while in the Dung floor. The reason you don't bring the items themselves in is because it would interfere with your in-floor Dung outfit presets. You can talk to the Dung tutor just outside to change your in-floor appearance if you'd like to show that you're wearing a full gorajan outfit.

Although you don't actually wear a Dung outfit to get the benefits of the outfit while in the floor, you must wear a full Dung outfit when buying at the reward shop in order for the effects to apply there.
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