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Draco Burnz said:
Support. Want the scarf:P

I have it :P

I think it'll be back in February like last year. *Crosses fingers*

I want a refresh of cosmetics too !
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i want a refresh of the rares as well... currently got everything from the rare item store...

but still.. Support
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11-Dec-2016 09:45:20

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emotions said:

I think it'll be back in February like last year. *Crosses fingers*

There might be a promo this month.
IF jagex decide to use the advent calander of last year and use most of the items for this year again.

2015 Advent calander:

1 Dec: Silverhawk boots or 50 Silverhawk down
2 Dec: 250 Hearts of Ice

3 Dec: 4 Advanced pulse core
4 Dec: One slayer mask from the first 2 batches of slayer masks or a huge star for slayer.
5 Dec: 4 Prismatic medium fallen star

6 Dec: Shark head or an unowned piece of the Shark outfit or a Huge fallen star (Fishing)
7 Dec: Medium protean pack
8 Dec: Large dungeoneering token box
9 Dec: 200 Dragon trinkets
10 Dec: Medium protean pack
11 Dec: Brilliant alchemist's amulet fragment
12 Dec: Snowverload plushie
13 Dec: Law ethereal head or an unowned Ethereal outfit piece or one Huge fallen star (Runecrafting)
14 Dec: Medium protean pack
15 Dec: 500 Rare item tokens

16 Dec: 2 Large dwarven toolbox
17 Dec: Dazzling three-leaf clover necklace
18 Dec: Shaman's poncho or an unowned skill outfit piece, alternatively one unowned head addon or a Prismatic huge fallen star
19 Dec: 2 Medium smouldering lamp
20 Dec: Divination energy head or an unowned piece of the Divine Simulacrum Outfits or a Huge fallen star (Divination)
21 Dec: Medium protean pack
22 Dec: Medium protean pack
23 Dec: 8 Royal battleship kit
24 Dec: Prismatic huge fallen star

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