SuperRewards not giving keys

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de mon yx

de mon yx

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I just did the same offer and its been saying under review for the last 20+ hours. These estimated time for keys are completely off. I called super rewards and no one answered or called me back.. Gonna wait the additional 28 hours before also contacting jagex support.

Regards, de mon yx

13-Aug-2017 14:42:38

Kitty Kyatt
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Kitty Kyatt

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I completed an offer with them for 516 rune coins. Here it is 7 days later. Removed my offer from history. Screenshot after screenshot sent. Messaged Jagex. 2 different mods talking to me, like...I begin to wonder if Jagex tosses this around for fun like a paper ball. Jagex already knows these offerwalls are complete scams and wastes of time from the research I've done trying to see if anyone else had issues with them like me. Theres actually many posts on many different games that these offers do not work. Yes someone should seek legal action.

14-Feb-2018 23:29:40

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