Possible bug forging token?

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Hi, I've had an issue very recently (within the last hour) concerning the forging of a token in the current Cavern of Tainted Memories promotion.

After playing through the cavern a couple of times, as well as winning some Tainted Essence on Treasure Hunter, I amassed enough Tainted Essence to forge a token. I had 665 Essence (in my currency pouch) and so I did the following things:
1. Opened currency pouch.
2. Right-click on Tainted Essence -> Forge.
3. Selected Ranged Overrides.
4. Clicked "Buy" under "Purified 1h crossbows token".

500 tainted essence was subtracted (I now have 165) but I can't seem to find the token. My inventory was empty when I clicked Buy and it was empty after, too. I assumed it may have been sent straight to my bank, but I checked and it wasn't there. Then I thought I may have unlocked the override automatically (not something I intended to do in any case) but I checked my customisations and it wasn't unlocked there either (after equipping a 1h crossbow, it just said I could obtain the customisation via Treasure Hunter).

I've also tried logging out (fully) and back in, but this didn't seem to change anything.

If someone could suggest where the token might be or if this is a bug, that would be great.


EDIT: Turns out I DID get the token but it was invisible! I just didn't notice it until now. It still is invisible, even after logging out and back in, so it might still count as a graphical glitch I guess?

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