Hearts of Ice disappeared

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This is the first time something like this happened. I was using 10 keys at once. I had 140 keys and between 100 and 200 hearts of ice (also, had 10 frozen categories). After I opened a chest, the last item was a mask of reflection. But, as it appeared, the game said I only had 5 hearts of ice and if I was sure to open another chest. I don't know what happened. Didn't know you could open chest while cheking the items from the chest, and now only have 5 hearts of ice. ¿What happened? I did check the other times when openingb chests like this, and it just consumed 10 hearts of ice, but this time it consumed like between like 100 or more for 10 keys. I don't know if I should post this here. It's my first time in the forums.

12-Nov-2017 16:06:41

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First welcome to the forums.

Have you ever bought some keys?
I have heard that if you buy keys they do disappear after some time.
Maybe this is the same with the hearts you get form those keys.

12-Nov-2017 17:30:04

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You had 10 frozen categories... you did 10 keys at once.. 10x10 =100. Each key used up 10 hearts of ice because you had 10 clicked. if you had did each one of the 10 keys individually you could have changed that but by doing 10 at a time you also used up your 10 frozen at a time.. which 10x10 as is said is 100. The richest person is not who has the most. It is who Needs the least.

15-Nov-2017 10:18:49

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