Partyhats on Treasure Hunter!!

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Ben 23

Ben 23

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I don't agree these rare, discontinued hats should be added to treasure hunter. As you stated before, if these hats were added to treasure hunter the overall price of these rares would plummet, causing the entire economy as it is now to change drastically. I don't think this would be beneficial at all because as it stands now, having these items in the game adds another level to the economy and therefore adds a little more incentive for players to work harder to make their in game GP. If you made these hats available on treasure hunter it would take a lot of the incentive away from the players and it would just become a game of "who can spend the most money on treasure hunter to get the most party hats." However, I do respect your opinion and I enjoyed reading through this thread so thank you :)

26-Sep-2016 20:06:25

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