Partyhats on Treasure Hunter!!

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Mark Le Zucc

Mark Le Zucc

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, Party hats are still in the game in a
amount.Doing something like this
Right now
, would cause a
very bad
Follows here
the reasons and consequences :

1- It would be unfair for the players who have bought a Party Hat recently . Probably causing them to leave this game because he's gonna feel like all his efforts were worthless and that he will think that every future update is gonna "ruin the game" , this kind of behaviour has been observed more than once by
. And by older players like myself and
many others

2-Since Party hats wealth has been over
max coins stack
for a while, it would cause a crash in every tradable items that exists on
. The logic behind this is , players who still possess one or many
Party Hats
will sell them before the update , to the players who didn't know about the , let's call it "PHat " update. The players who had no clue about this update, would be classified as players from
.And , players who sold the Phat , will certainly spend this money on other items . It might be on any items that is not a discontinued and tradable items. Because, since
would've brought back the Party hat , what's gonna make this player thinkt that they won't do the same to other
items of the same type.

However , I have seen players using a Party Hat on a
keepsake key
to use them as override . Maybe , one day , there won't be any tradable Party hats , an update like this would have no impact after 2 to 4 years of the disparition of Party Hats. And it
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You wish I was real

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