Partyhats on Treasure Hunter!!

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Silly Bob said:
Who doesnt unddrstand economics.
First of all, it's just a game and we are all here to have fun. In economics, competition is a good thing and in games competition is also considered fun! Partyhats represent parties and parties are also fun!

So by increasing the supply of partyhats, in economic terms, the supply/demand curves will approach market equilibrium which means more people may party in the market of partyhats and that means much more fun for everyone :D
Jokku23 said:
Partyhats would become less expensive so more people would enjoy them!
The market form in this game might be described in economics as an "oligopoly," that is a market of a few sellers which may have resulted from "various forms of collusion which reduce competition and lead to higher prices for consumers."

So by increasing the supply of partyhats, collusion might be averted because there will be more sellers to compete in the partyhat market. Thus, a more robust and healthy economy will result as competition increases. Since, games are all about having fun, and part of the fun involves competition, by increasing market competition the fun will also increase.

Additionally, the OP explains further benefit:
Jokku23 said:
Jagex would get more money from spins!
Indeed, OSRS has the partyhats and it is alot of fun, but by releasing partyhats on Treasure Hunter there is an additional benefit, and it is a very clever idea because it means that they will be able to fund the development of many more adventures, skills, updates, quests, etc etc :D

So, the OP has, in fact, presented a solid economic strategy which revitalizes and refreshes market competition and also suppplies the developers with funding to keep on creating more fun and games for everyone :D

Hence, it is a win for the economy, it is a win for the players, and it is a win for Jagex.!!

It's a win + win + win!
Something interesting happened.

01-Mar-2017 18:48:21

Kelly Br00k

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This can't happen, and quite frankly, never will. People buy/own partyhats for a select variety of reasons, and "to have fun" is for the most part not among them. Besides showing off, merchandising and perhaps FashionScape, partyhats are simply relics from the distant past; they were once intended for good fun, yes, but nowadays not so much.

In any case, I wound't mind seeing something else being released truly intended for fun: costumes, toy weapons, etc. I however don't approve of them being simultaneously rare and tradeable as that would only give merchants another toy to play with.

02-Mar-2017 00:22:36



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I don't have time to read your replies now, but cheers for all your support! I will read and answer them later!

I have consulted 7 professors specialised in economics! I asked them how much partyhats should cost and what rereleasing them would do to the economy! Can't wait till they answer! Cheers!
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02-Mar-2017 18:39:55

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Partyhat Records!

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