spring cleaner event?

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Probably not, because it's always available from TH.
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24-Jul-2017 18:38:07

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When it was released there was a promo with an increased chance to get it. Afterwards it stayed but became rare. Just keep on opening chests like you always do and hope for the best. There is also this promo called 'hearts of fire' where you can choose your reward from the ticker and get the spring cleaner easily (it does cost you 400 hearts of ice though). Feel free to take a look at my suggestions:
200m xp prestige,
Trouble Brewing,
Custom FPS&graphics preset,
spirit gems destr->drop

24-Jul-2017 21:41:57

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Its on the TH prize list all the time i think but you'll probably wanna empty out most of the other red slot items like skill suits and such before it'll show up. Its like one of the last things to show up

25-Jul-2017 00:39:12

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