dragon mask tokens

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tokens that give the ability to turn dragon masks in game into dragon slayer masks

green dragon slayer mask token
blue dragon slayer mask token
red dragon slayer mask token
black dragon slayer mask token
bronze dragon slayer mask token
iron dragon slayer mask token
steel dragon slayer mask token
mithril dragon slayer mask token
frost dragon slayer mask token

should help increase demand of the masks for those lucky enough to win them in clue scrolls

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for the double drops at 10 kills and the slayer exp =p
cats are domestic their our friends! =p
bats have rabis
the smell of sheep is bad
penguins cute
unicorns have hooves
fox's.. well their just fox's
dbl skoll + hati drops pls

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Creative idea. Earning dragon mask tokens to be used on dragon masks earned in Treasure trails. The dragon masks are quite nice as a cosmetic item, but we already have so many cosmetic masks & hats... and these masks have indeed lost a lot of value and are not worn very often anymore. It would be cool if they were upgradable to be also used for your Slayer, rather than only cosmetic uses. :D

Ps: no gravedig, this was apparently just bumped again.
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