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Ninja Polls

Hey all,

As of today's update we will be launching our second Ninja Survey. This means you will be able to give your vote on the changes that you would like to see to the game most, all developed by the Ninja Team, so make sure to head in game and vote!

This thread can be used as an area of discussions of the poll and we will clarify what we can about anything listed on the poll.
It's important to note that the minimum requirement for each question to pass is 75%.


The Ninja Team
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I think the all in one idea is promising but It would really shine if it worked inside God Wars Original as well. Maybe make it a rare item drop. Just an idea, never the less the Ninja Team is making phenomenal headway and this faithful member is quite pleased. I'm very proud to be apart of this community.

If your curious as to what a soulstone is here is the WiKi

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Some of the code on the poll isn't working for me

Says i had voted before i voted and scroll bar was not all way to the bottom even though it was last idea, however, some nice ninja fixes

Although i like Broadcast i agree maybe the 120 invention and slayer does not need to be a red broadcast

Looking forward to seeing the results at the end of the Voting time :)

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I think the two 120 Broadcasts should be tied together as 120 Broadcasts in general.

In regards to the ignore list, is there a reason to support it? If you have someone ignored why does it matter if they see your online status? If that's much of an issue turn your private to friends.

And couldn't the person being ignored just use an alt/friend/cc/fc to see if you are online? This update just seems like a waste of time with no gain from what I'm looking at.
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