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Mod†Ronan said:
Rune pouch

The rune pouch is now available for purchase from the Bounty Hunter rewards shop for 1,200,000 bounties. This item will allow you to store up to 16,000 of 3 types of runes, cutting down the impact on your inventory spaces when using magic.

You can use the runes from within the pouch, no need to take them out in order to cast your spells. They don't come cheap and are always lost on death, make sure to use yours wisely.

The rune pouch is not tradeable.

Someone recently popped notification of this on my ninja thread in the RS3 forums.

I've got a few questions for the devs I'd love to see answers for.
-Is it the programming used to make these in OSRS at all applicable to RS3? They're probably quite different but would it need slight or major modifications?
-How big of a job was it to make this?
-Is it possible to set categories such as Elemental or Catalytic for runes in the pouch?
-What is your favourite letter in the alphabet from A to *?
-What is your favourite song by "Weird Al"?

25-Sep-2014 21:59:33

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