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16-Jun-2019 12:52:20

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Well, there is a thread if you are concerned about forum moderation.

I will see if i can find it for you .

But a thread such as this is not allowed.

Here is the Quick find code for that thread... 254-255-595-66013672
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The reason seems pretty obvious.

You derailed the thread by flaming those who had flamed you.
Flaming on the forums is not allowed, it should be reported here.
To retaliate by more flaming which is just as bad as the original flaming you retaliated against is considered a derailment.
The action taken against your thread was correct.

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If you think an FMod has acted wrongly, please post in the FMR thread (link in ToP BaSS' post above this).
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16-Jun-2019 15:18:59

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